by Vievanessa

Released 2017
Released 2017
Kid's music from a soul/rock songstress mom's perspective that can be enjoyed by parents, played at parties, & raises autism awareness = VIEVANESSA!
3-song EP (3P) "ECHO" with a bonus track & 20% of download proceeds goes to AUTISM SOCIETY of AMERICA! Do your part to raise autism awareness support & get great kid's music that will be appreciated by autism parents who will especially identify with it. The title song "ECHO" is inspired by ECHOLALIA - Children with Autism who learn to talk usually have repetitive use of language. Repetitive language is seen in the use of echolalia, which is the repetition of words, phrases, intonation, or sounds of the speech of others. "Gonna Be Alright" is dedicated to autism parents who advocate for their children, and to their kids.